Staking Made easy
Blockchains don’t have to be difficult. Stake your funds, get rewarded and support the Blockchain ecosystem.

Why Stake with WeSTAKE:Club?
Be part of the club, fair & sustainable.
Be part of a community! We believe that blockchains should be simple. By staking with us you join our community and we’ll guide you through our projects
Uncomplicated rewards! We take care of the hefty job of mantaining a reliable node infrastructure. Just stake and receive the rewards.
Support the blockchain! When you stake your funds with us, you contribute to the active development of the ecosystem. We are a team that likes to BUIDL.

Do I have to send the funds to stake?
No! The funds always remain under your custodial. Never send funds to anybody promising you to stake them for you. Each project is different, but you will find the instructions on how to delegate your stake on each project card. WeSTAKE:Club only does non-custodial staking.
When will I receive the rewards?
Rewards are shared automatically and it usually are shared weekly. You can find more details regarding the distributions on each project card.
Can I unstake my stake?
Yes! You can decide to unstake your stake at any time. Some projects might have an "unstake" period, but that is specified in the project card. Currently there isn't any unlocking time for Lisk or Mina.
Why stake with WeSTAKE:Club?
When you delegate your stake to us, you are helping to contribute back to the ecosystem because our profits are re-invested in the projects in order to develop further projects for the ecosystem.
What is a commission fee?
When you stake with us, we produce blocks with your stake. This means that we take care of deploying an infrastructure of nodes and produce blocks, so you don't have to worry about them. Everytime a block is produced, it comes with a reward. This reward goes back to you minus a commission (see project card) to help mantaining the server costs and development of the ecosystem.
Can you help me further?
Sure! We'd love to support you further! You can reach us at anytime by Discord, Email or Discord. All the links are in the header, or send a message on discord @carbonara#5880